I'm focusing on making meaningful interface designs and story-telling brand identities for start-ups and all sizes of businesses

As our world is always moving forward and moving, I always strive to make the best out of my designs to solve your problems.


I have devoted my life to design, all of my works have always had a part of work from talented individuals within my network when it comes to coding.

With a strong sense of design, focus on every aspect of the project, and a well-thought approach, that is where the magic happens.

My goals in every project is "Making beautiful things but put usability in the first place"

I always keep my customer engaged with the project like they are also a member of the team to make the work more efficient and get to know them better from inside-out.

Discovery & Research

I ask questions and dig deep into the business as well as their pain points

Ideas & Strategy

Find and make solutions that fit best to your business, and execute it

Design & Output

Implementation of the solutions into the project making the final deliveries more impactful

In the past years, I'm lucky to have worked with ambitious brands across the globe

Vinpearl / Hoi An Memories Land  /

CMC Japan / The Pizza Company /

Vinadaiviet /

Austin Capital Bank / Vizion /

HOMEia / AZhome /

Fresh House / 





2022 Lavi Design Studio

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